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  • Natalie Adams

The 5 Grief Resources I Use

While I've visited many amazing grief resources since my dad died, these are the 5 that I find myself constantly revisiting.

A phone with the Google search engine pulled up.

Whenever I'm struggling with grief, I find myself going online to a few grief websites that I find support from.

After my dad died, it was a few months before I started finding grief resources that I got support from. I started by reading articles from Modern Loss and The Dougy Center, and eventually found more and more resources that were helpful to me.

Since my dad died, I've viewed many websites, read hundreds of stories about grief, and found support in many places, but these 5 websites are the ones that I find myself constantly revisiting.

1. The Grief Reality

The Grief Reality was created by sisters Katie and Evee after they lost their mom two years ago. Katie and Evee offer an interesting young adult perspective on grief in their blog posts and also share submissions from the general public.

I found The Grief Reality on Twitter a few months ago (@thegriefreality), and have been reading their posts ever since. I’d highly recommend this website to any grieving teens, young adults, and adults.

Click here to visit The Grief Reality.

2. Modern Loss

Modern Loss shares a wide variety of stories about grief from the general public. While most of their articles are aimed at adult grievers, I’ve found that most of them can be applied to teen grief, and are helpful and interesting to read.

My mom found Modern Loss for me after my dad died, and I started reading the articles on their website after I read their book. I was a bit skeptical at first, as I didn’t realize how many similarities there are between teen and adult grief, but I’ve loved reading their stories ever since.

Click here to visit Modern Loss.

3. The Dougy Center

The Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families provides resources for grieving children, teens, young adults, and their families. 

One of their most significant resources is the Grief Out Loud podcast, which I try to listen to weekly.

The Dougy Center was another resource that I found at the beginning of my grief, and one that I still use today.

Click here to visit The Dougy Center.

Click here to listen to the Grief Out Loud podcast.

4. Eluna

The Eluna Network shares a diverse set of resources for kids, teens, and young adults who have been impacted by grief or addiction. They also offer many resources for parents or guardians who want to support their children.

I’ve used Eluna to find other teen grief resources, all of which I’ve found helpful.

Click here to visit the Eluna website.

5. What’s Your Grief

What’s Your Grief is a website that was created by two adults who each lost a parent. They share many articles about how to cope with grief, many of which are about child and teen grief. 

I enjoy reading What’s Your Grief’s articles and find myself going to their website often.

Click here to visit What's Your Grief.

If you haven't seen any of these websites before, I encourage you to visit them and read a few articles. If you know of other helpful grief resources or run one yourself, leave a comment under the TGS Tweet about this post (available here).


Written by Natalie Adams, the founder of Teenage Grief Sucks.

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