Grief Out Loud with Natalie Adams

Ep. 152: Teenage Grief Sucks - Natalie Adams

Last week, I got the opportunity to speak with Jana DeCristofaro from the Dougy Center on the podcast Grief Out Loud. We talked about so many things grief related, ranging from the worst way my friends helped me after my dad's death (which has become one of my favorite memories) to what grief is like compared to how I thought it would be. You can check out the episode here.

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Episode info:

"When Natalie's dad died suddenly at the start of her freshman year of high school, she searched, but couldn't find what she most needed: a resource written for and by other grieving teens. So, she decided to create one. In March of 2020, Natalie launched the website Teenage Grief Sucks which serves as a platform for articles ranging from what it's like to go to driving school when you're grieving to tips for how teens can support their grieving friends."

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