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  • Natalie Adams

Grief Out Loud - Love Stories Episode

Love Stories - A Griefy Valentine's Special

The Grief Out Loud podcast did a Valentine's Day special this year centered around love stories between grievers and their "person." I was lucky enough to be one of the people invited to share their story for this episode.

This is a really good episode, and I hope you'll take some time to listen to it.

Click here to listen to Grief Out Loud's "A Griefy Valentine's Special."

Episode description:

"Even if you don't really celebrate it, Valentine's Day can be rough when you're grieving. This year, we decided to bring you a compilation of love stories from listeners answering one of these questions: How did your person love you? How did you love your person? How did you fall in love? Even though Valentine's Day is usually marketed as only about romantic love, this episode focuses on the love that exists in any connection. The idea for this episode came out of our conversation with Alesia Alexander, LCSW in Episode 162. Alesia and her daughter, Kahlo, join us to talk more about why love stories are important in grief, especially for children and teens. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this special episode! Hear more from Alesia in When the Professional Becomes Personal."

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