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Left in the Dark

A poem by Alex.

A storm. Photo by Breno Machado (@brenomachado) on Unsplash.

I wear black maybe some white

Can someone please take my hand?

Drag me into the light

the pain hurts in my heart

its broken I've been taken apart

Piece by piece I’m fading away

Maybe someone will hear my words one day

I run and run chasing my own tail

trying to be the best but in the end, I always fail

people always leave and that’s that

they left so did the cat

it pains me to know they’re out there

it pains me to know they don’t care

My eyes aren’t dry but rivers pour

and if we were friends why aren’t you here anymore

well you see I sometimes go to the park

but then again I’ll always be



Hello everyone, I'm Alex. This poem is pretty much about how I felt at the beginning of my grief which for me was a rough dark part. I felt I was alone and didn't have anyone. When I lost my Step-Father, I felt destroyed, like a hole was left in my heart. I eventually discovered I am not alone and have my entire family and all my friends by my side. Just remember that you are not alone when it comes to the passing of a loved one and you can get through this. I believe in you.

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