Teen Sibling Grief Meet-up | Rett's Roost

For teens that want to talk to other teens about what it was like to lose a brother or sister.

Have you lost a sibling? If you have, chances are you’ve had a difficult time finding people our age who understand. If you’re interested in talking about your grief and meeting others who have also lost a sibling, Rett’s Roost’s Teen Sibling Grief Meet-up may be for you.

Rett’s Roost, a place for grieving families, is holding a virtual meet-up for teens who have lost a sibling on the first three Mondays of August. At these three meetings, you will do things such as sharing your grief story with other teens, learning about the stages of grief, gaining self care tips, and meeting other teens who have also lost a sibling.

If you’re interested, click here to be taken to the Rett’s Roost website, where you can learn more and apply for this meet-up.

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