Student Grief Twitter Chat (#teengriefchat)

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April 20, 2021, at 1 pm EST

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teenage students are facing grief and related mental health issues at higher levels than in the past. This Twitter chat is part of an essential ongoing conversation looking at how grieving students can support themselves and be supported by others, especially by their educators and peers.

To participate in this chat, you can view the @teengriefsucks Twitter account from 1-2 pm EST on April 20, and retweet or reply to our questions. This chat will take place under the #teengriefchat hashtag.

Everyone is invited to join, but we especially urge grieving teenagers, mental health organizations, educators, and anyone with a grieving teen in their life to participate in this chat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at You can view this chat's social media graphics here. We hope to chat with you on April  20th!


- Welcome everyone! Please take a moment to introduce yourselves.

Q1: What is grief, and how does it affect teenagers differently than adults?

Q2: Why is it important that we talk about student grief?

Q3: Students can face many struggles when going back to school after a loss. What are some of these struggles, and how can grieving students cope with them?

Q4: Students may have a difficult time talking to peers and educators about their loss. How can they bring this subject up, and what should they share?

Q5: How can educators best support grieving students?

Q6: How can students best support their grieving peers?

[May be cut for time] Q7: Many people would like to support a grieving student, but don’t know enough about the grief process to do so. What are some things they should know about grief, and how can they learn more?

Q8: What resources are available for grieving students or people who want to learn more about grief?

How to Format Your Responses

  • Start your answers with "A1:, A2:, ...." with the numbers corresponding to the question numbers.​

  • Include #teengriefchat somewhere in each of your tweets for this conversation.

(Not sure what to do? Click here to view an example from our last chat.)


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