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We're a teen-run website sharing stories written by and for grieving teens.

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We believe that peer support is essential after a loss, and provide it through storytelling. 

Since 2020, Teenage Grief Sucks (TGS) has been a platform for anyone who knows teenage grief personally or professionally to share their experiences.

TGS is created and run by Natalie Adams, who lost her dad and stepmom while in high school.


when Natalie was 14, the unthinkable happened: her dad died.

Less than a year later, her stepmom passed, as well.


Instead of spending her evenings hanging out with friends and focusing on school, Natalie Adams* found herself struggling to keep up with her homework and social life while grieving.

Like most teens, Natalie spent a lot of time on her phone, so naturally she decided to look online for resources to help her with her grief. While she did come across some very helpful ones, she was unable to find what she was looking for: a teenage grief site by teenagers. Everything she found was written by adults, and even though some adult perspectives were helpful to her, what she really needed was stories written by kids her own age

Natalie kept on looking for websites like this, but she never found any. One day, during a "teenage grief" Google search, she got an idea. Natalie had always loved writing, and already journaled a bit about her grief, so why shouldn't she make her words public?

Over the next few months, Natalie's journals slowly turned into a project she liked to call "Teenage Grief Sucks" (TGS) because, well, teenage grief does suck. Natalie was determined to make TGS a place where any grieving kid could go and be able to read a story they related to.

Teenage Grief Sucks was released in March of 2020, and is unlike other resources for grieving teens, as almost all of the content provided is written by teenagers themselves. On the TGS website, teens are able to read stories by their peers on topics like school and having a social life during grief, and even able to share their own stories on the Share Your Grief page.

Natalie still runs TGS, and plans to keep expanding it as she grows older to reach as many grieving teens as possible. While donations are not accepted at this time, the greatest ways you can help are by sharing your grief story and sharing this website with people who need it.

*Pseudonym to protect privacy.


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